Few People Trust The US Dollar, But Plenty Trust Gold.

Gold price is up and down around USD 950 per ounce and base on the chart, the correction will likely to be short may be will end next week. US Dollar value is dropping had make people lost confidence on it so thing will back to basic - Gold. Now a lot of US people transferring Dollar investment asset into another investment as long as out from USD, gold is one of they target due to more save compare share market.

Back to Malaysia, gold price had keep above RM108 per gram any price drop below it is a good buy. Below is the Public Bank closeing price for yesterday

Gold Investment Account as at 10/06/09 3:50 PM

Selling PriceBuying Price
1 gramRM 110.8300RM 106.5000


aha June 12, 2009 at 12:04 AM  

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