Hold Long Enough You Always A Winner In Gold Investment

Yesterday gold up USD 3.30 to USD923.90, but remains below its 50 DMA at 925.26. Will it drop to its 200 DMA at 870.74? Again, markets do not drop from the 50 DMA to 200 DMA every time. Over the last six months, the gold price has tended to drop back less than I expected, certainly less than the max I expected.

The gold price up is because the dollar lost momentum badly today, and I'm not sure it can continue to rally. Besides, time is running out for gold 's seasonal low. However, other gold price indicators are not yet oversold, and I recognize that I am so bullish that I will always put the best colour on gold 's outlook.

Torture is, you want to buy on a dip, but you can't know whether the dip is dipped out yet -- or not. Worst place to land is twisting in the breeze of indecision, blown first one way then the next, and you end up not buying anything.

Keep on reminding yourself that after this correction ends, the gold price will be headed for USD1,300 and higher, most likely by year end. So if investing in long term ever dip is a buy call and if you hold long enough you always a winner in Gold investment.

Public Bank Gold Investment Account as at 23/06/09 3:21 PM

Selling PriceBuying Price
1 gramRM 107.2000RM 103.0300


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