Gold Price Support Is Now At USD900 – USD875, BUY GOLD!

The World Gold Council spoke freely about the impact of India’s increase in gold and silver import duties, stating the rise could bring added pressure to the gold market. The Indian import duty is currently 100 rupees per 10 grams of gold and is being raised to 200 rupees to help subsidize the massive Indian economic stimulus package. The silver import tax is also being doubled. This also showing the economic recovery still weak.

Gold are slightly higher this morning, supported by a weaker dollar and steady global equity markets. The dollar is very weak and gold is only up five or six dollars, this a bearishly sobering reaction, maybe a sale at 916.00, risking 923.00. Gold Field Mineral Serrvices and the World Gold Council have basically warned investors that gold may soften in the near term.

Hello! SPDR Gold Trust ( In Malaysia this is a ETF fund share name is GLD-C1 a warrant from OSK) holdings fell sharply on Wednesday, down 10.38 tonnes, now totaling 1109.81 tonnes. August gold resistance is 920.00 -925.00 and support is now 900.00 – 875.00, key support was penetrated yesterday and this should accelerate prices to the downside.

Now alot of bad news cover metal market like Gold however the basic is all this metal (Gold, Silver and Oil ) is limited so after all the bad news removed the price sure will go up exp like Gold, last year you still can buy 1 gram gold in Malaysia with RM90 but now this level is already history long ago so now is the go time to buy gold.


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