Fed skittering to the money pumps to keep the ship from sinking

The gold price range closing last week stretched from $1,546.08 to $1,629.30. It closed at $1,629.30, worth $57.90 more than when it went to bed last Thursday. That leaves a beautiful, strong, enchanting chart behind, a bottom with a mighty surge through the downtrend line from the March high at $1,792.70 and just beneath the $1,625.36 fifty day moving average.

Meanwhile the Euro-zone continues to crumble. Right on time about the end of year's first half (as expected) bad unemployment news turned up to rack an already panicked stock market which had been floating on fumes, hopes, & Fed propaganda. New jobs in May grew by 69,000, lowest in year and far short of the 158,000 economists expected.

Euro zone is forcing another austerity treaty on the weaker members. Too little, too late. Bad unemployment data in the face of an upcoming election will send the Fed skittering to the money pumps to keep the ship from sinking. Markets insightfully grasped that inevitability today, sending silver & gold shooting up and shucking stocks like the French army throwing away backpacks on the retreat from Moscow. What y'all must not miss here is that stocks & metals parted ways, decoupled, disconnected, & diverged. Markets are screaming that they now expect more inflation, by the trainload.


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