If the gold price doesn't hold $1,525, they will drop much further, as low as $1,450

The gold price bounced last week after plunging a horrifying 3.4%. Closed $1,571.20 on Friday, up $6.70, but that sayeth little.

Long and short is this: If the gold price doesn't hold $1,525 and silver 2615c, they will drop much further, as low as $1,450 and 2250c. You will know as they unfold this week, because if they intend to continue falling, Monday and Tuesday will be painful days. On the other hand, physical demand at these prices is huge. For silver and gold to fall much further, those buyers would have to disappear. However, if metals do fall, expect even more buyers to crawl out of their hiding places.

Nothing significant has changed for those who follow the primary trend.Gold are correcting. So what? They've been correcting since April 2011 and August 2011. Corrections can last up to 18 months. Stop panicking. Has the Federal Reserve stopped inflating? The rest of the world's central banks? Has common sense, honesty, and financial probity suddenly seized the world's leaders and shaken some backbone into them, like a terrier shaking a rat? Sorry, no. And as long as their idiocy, treason, and parasitism continues, silver and gold will remain in a primary trend, and we are following NOT the daily or weekly fluctuations, but the LONG TERM PRIMARY TREND which hath yet years to run.

Everything but the dollar took a beating this week when Moody's announced it was downgrading the credit of 15 megabanks. No, it makes no sense since every fractional reserve bank is always insolvent and these have been rotten since at least 2006 and everybody knows it and government has bailed them out time and again, but WHAT HO! Trouble with the banks! Markets slap themselves on the forehead as if they'd never imagined such a threat to financial stability.

Meanwhile in Europe, where widespread bank insolvency and national government bankruptcies loom, the eurocrats are cooking up yet another "solution" which bandaids about $700 bn onto a, say, $20 trillion problem. Right, that'll work like square wheels on a wagon.

Yet we live in a world where even lemmings, in sufficient numbers, can suffocate you, and we have to deal with it. So let's look at 'em one at a time.


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