Gold Price up USD2.50

The GOLD PRICE rose today USD2.50 to close right on resistance at USD928. These "up two bucks a day" closes only tell us that somebody is buying gold. Why point that out? Because all the blackshirts in the pits, commercials and professional traders, take no long term position. They only play the greatest odds, and reverse position when proven wrong. Anybody looking at a chart sees big resistance at 920, then at 928, so for those folks it would make sense to sell, and I'm sure sell they have.

Taking that into account, gold's performance of the past week earns considerably more respect. The RSI and MACD indicators say that there is much more room upside possible.

Now on Malaysia below is the price sell and buy by PBANK

Gold Investment Account as at 15/05/09 10:51 AM

Selling PriceBuying Price
1 gramRM 108.1300RM 103.9200


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