Once Gold Price Breaks USD980 it Will Snap Quickly to USD1000 Per Ounce

Today gold price will try to broken USD980 leave if it did, sure gold price will hits USD 1000 per ounce.

3 months back when gold price hits 980 leave, Malaysia gold price is around RM116 per gram due to currency USD/MYR at 3.70 leave. Now the same leave gold price in Malaysia have drop to RM110 per gram with USD/MYR at 3.49.

Invest in gold not only need monitoring the gold price, currency also a impotent factor that need to monitor. The chart show that USD/MYR currency exchange are drop back same leave with early of this year leave. We had see USD value moving up and dowm drop back so not one will know will it bound back by end of this year.

I think when forgin fund start take out from share market, it will been a sign the USD value will move up again. I belive US will do something to maintence USD at some leave.

Gold price hits USD 1,000 per ounce sure will happen, if USD value improve by year end than Gold investment profit will been sky high.


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