Gold bull market is alive and well

The gold price declined Monday morning, falling alongside stocks and commodities amid speculation that Greece was headed toward default. The price of gold dipped $6.00 to $1,732 per ounce as negotiations between Greece and private bondholders failed to yield an agreement. A second rescue package of €130 billion depends is dependent on a compromise. Meanwhile Portuguese credit-default swaps rose to a new record high of 39.5%, signaling a 71% chance of a default over the next five years.

Gold’s strong performance in January has illustrated that the gold has “come roaring back from its latest temporary correction, sending the bears into full withdrawal,” according to Robert Lenzer.

The former National Editor and Senior Editor at Forbes Magazine, Lezner discussed the catalysts for gold’s rebound in a recent article on Forbes.com.

“Gold, you see, is not a commodity like oil and copper and wheat,” Lezner wrote. “It is rather an alternative currency– one that finds buyers when paper currencies like the Euro are being hugely increased in supply by the ECB to forestall a sovereign cum bank crisis in Europe.”

Lenzer later stated that “As the supply of gold cannot keep up with paper money (supply increases very little despite exploration), and it can be bought without loss of any real interest income, it seems clear that the gold bull market is alive and well.”

“Central banks obviously are of the mind that gold’s rise will make up for the decline in paper money and the lack of income on central bank liquid investments,” he added. ”The truth is that the drop to $1525 in December triggered the renewed buying by the Chinese, who are the new incremental buyers in the world. The Chinese prefer to buy on weakness and not compete with the central banks of Russia, Korea, Thailand,Singapore and are buying to hold.”


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