Gold is the only certainty in this uncertain world

The European debt problems are erupting again. European stock markets are falling. Even the DAX is topping out. Spanish bond yields are rising as austerity is pushing Europe into recession. This will effect the US market at some point and even Asian markets. On Friday the US released a shocking unemployment report showing only 120,000 new jobs created and a big drop in the employment participation rate. This means more will apply for food stamps, welfare and government assistance.

The only way out is default or money printing. Default would sink Obama’s chances in the November election so my bet is that Obama will put immense pressure on his stooge the Bernenk to print and debase the currency. The ECB will do the same. Please keep your gold. Do not be afraid of the government manipulation and the negative news flowing from the government controlled press and their shills.

There has been massive off take of physical gold by central banks and large commercial traders according to Casey Research. At some point the shorts will be forced to cover as there is very little physical gold available for delivery. If they do not cover they could lose heavily. Gold is the only certainty in this uncertain world.


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